GAIN Business Incubator

About Our Venture Hub

GAIN Business Incubator (GBI) Venture Hub will be an area of our business model that focuses on indigenous pure entrepreneurial energy of the Nigerian startups, enabling them to start and grow new businesses that support inclusive economic growth. We hope to become Nigeria’s top meeting place for new ideas, businesses, and new innovators across all industries we shall venture into now and in the nearest future.

The Hub is designed for entrepreneurial support while it helps individuals and organizations who want to share the entrepreneurial experience by investing in viable business ventures through our investment programmes. We will also partner and collaborate with organizational anchors and all elements of the entrepreneurial ecosystem across the following industries, Technology, Agriculture, Food Processing and Exportation, Fashion, Environment. The Hub will be a focal point and clearinghouse for these organizations and their activities to support entrepreneurs, and to collaborate with them to define, develop, pilot, and launch new resources that may be needed now or in the future.

Our Venture Hubs

Agriculture Hub

GBI Short-term Investment

This business model allows individuals who have interest in farming and want their money to farm on their behalf to outrightly own a farmland virtually, or invest in a farmland to get a ROI within specified period.

Food Hub

GAIN Business Incubator Food Hub

Our Food Hub help entrepreneurs within Nigeria and and in the Diaspora launch and grow their processed food business. Whether you plan to sell locally or export, we will deliver 100% globally acceptable product for you.

Fashion Hub


Our fashion hub has a unique business model that allows startup in the fashion industry gain access to tools and machine needed to work in one hub.