Like seriously! it is Monday! but, you don’t even feel like lifting a pen! This feeling comes up every Monday morning. You frowned as you got out of bed sluggishly…I need good Monday motivation, you said to yourself, as some questions began to run through your mind.

How do I get motivated to work? How do I maintain a positive attitude and enthusiasm towards work? Why do I suddenly get moody and sad? Why do I often get depressed? Why have I refused to take certain issues in my life, seriously? 

Prioritizing your mental health is key.

Hey dear, you don’t have to be so hard on yourself. Prioritizing your mental health is key. Though we understand how hectic Mondays can be, all you need is a good Monday motivation to keep you mentally sound.

The only way you can give your best out there either to yourself, your family, or at work, is to place a priority on your mental health.

We understand that in life, we don’t walk the same path and no two persons can ever go through the same experience.

You need to understand that for us to be the best version of ourselves we have to be deliberate about every aspect of our lives.

And that includes our finances! The only thing that increases in life without any effort or input is our age. So, you have to consciously put away anything that is weighing you down, whatsoever has taken away your peace and joy or anything that is standing as a roadblock between you and your career goals, business goals, financial goals, and family goals has to be put away.

You need to place priority on your mental health as you need to be in the best frame of mind to be able to achieve all your goals and be happy.

For your investment goals, probably you have made some investments in the past that burnt your fingers, hence, you have refused to move on. Fear is one of the greatest enemies of man.

You have to deal with this first. You can take a look at one or more of our investment hubs which include:

  1. Agricultural Hub.
  2. GBI Technology Hub.
  3. GBI Food Hub.
  4. GBI Online Media Hub

There are lots of investment opportunities available in the above section.

For your career goals, are you faced with low self-esteem at work? You need to understand that you’re a unique being! Stand in front of a full-length mirror, and smile at the wonder you see!

Take absolute and complete charge of your life, and remember it all starts from the mind. Feed yourself daily with positive affirmations of wholeness and positivity. I repeat It all begins from your mind! No amount of Monday motivation and advice would boost your day if you haven’t decided to live the life you were born for.

Do everything within your capacity to keep your mental health sane! Do you need a break, take it! Do you need a vacation? Go and get it! Spiritually down? Pray!

Heartbroken or Lonely? See a counsellor. Be deliberate about getting healed because the whole world isn’t going to end or take a pause because of you.

Life continues with or without you so your thoughts should be, how do I get out of this? No pity party, lessons learned. Life goes on. Visit places where you could likely meet like minds, spend time with your loved ones, those you know whose life would never remain the same if anything bad happens to you.

Ask yourself this question. What do I value most in life? Identify this, ask yourself another question, what would happen if I don’t fulfill this? Then the final question, whatever is stopping me right now, is it worth it? If not, after identifying what matters most to you, ignoring the voices from the cold wind…RUN WITH IT!

Listening or reading through some Monday motivation is one of the ways to kick start your week. We’re glad to have done this with you. We hope more than anything else that you prosper in sound mind and body.

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