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What is GAIN Online Business Incubator?

GAIN Startup Academy is an online business incubator for African entrepreneurs. It supports entrepreneurs in Nigeria and other parts of Africa to develop their ventures. We offer entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses support, expertise and tools necessary to succeed in an increasingly competitive market. We give you access to online and offline resources that will help build your Business, Human Capital, Digital Marketing and Professional Skills. We also provide business mentorship sessions, startup kits, seed grants, online sales support and many more

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a community that helps people with great ideas irrespective of gender, background, age and locality. We connect you to our resources, support and advice tools needed to launch and execute your business successfully.


“When you give what you have, you always get what you don’t have.”
-Adeyanju Opeyemi (CEO & Co-Founder GAIN Incubator)

If you are business owner, entrepreneur, business analyst/developer, investor, finance expert or academic you can contribute a great deal to Africa’s development by mentoring a startup.

Our Partners