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Are You Living Abroad and Looking for Investment Opportunities?

Nigerians living abroad continue to make up a significant portion of foreign investment in that country. Diasporas can save and transfer high-value money back home to family members to help them out financially as well as invest on their behalf thanks to exchanging rate discrepancies and the availability of jobs abroad. There are numerous opportunities for diaspora investments in Nigeria. Real estate and car trading have historically been the most popular investment types for this group of people. However, a very profitable investment opportunity is agribusiness.

Why Should You Invest In The Agribusiness?

  • Increase Demand in Agri-Products – A market is always going to be in demand for agricultural products because of the ongoing expansion of the world population. In addition, cutting back on food is one of the last things that individuals are prepared to do. According to projections, the global population would have grown by more than 35% by 2050. Therefore, crop production will need to increase in order to feed that population, and Africa is perfectly suited to become a premium food supplier.

  • High Yielding Profits – When agriculture is practised properly, even with minimal investment, a bountiful crop can be produced. A farm’s average yearly return is 11.5 per cent, and there is little danger involved. As a result, investing in the agro sector has low volatility and high yield potential.

In conclusion, agribusiness investing is a solid and successful business decision. In addition to financial profits, it produces tangible results that are advantageous to the investor. You can contribute to a community’s prosperity by making an investment in agribusiness.

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Barriers Preventing Diasporas from Investing in Nigeria

The rate at which expatriates save or invest in the nation is significantly influenced by governance and financial concerns according to research carried out.  Most of them are prevented by a number of circumstances, some of which include political unpredictability, corruption, and a mediocre judicial system. Another issue preventing the diasporas from investing and saving in Nigeria is the barrier posed by distance to managing investments, although lacking knowledge of or trust in organizations that manage investments is also an issue. The major challenges seem to be the long wait times for building permits and land access, which in certain countries might exceed two years.

The Solution

Gain Business Incubator has the perfect solution to address these barriers preventing diasporas from investing and saving in Nigeria. If you are interested in agribusiness opportunities in Nigeria, then we have the perfect opportunity for you.
GAIN Business Incubator presents an investment offer to Nigerians in Diaspora where you get equity for investing a minimum of $2,223 to secure 2667.6 units