Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions and crucial information about GAIN Online Business Incubator program, courses, mentorship, seed grants etc.

-- No, they will only be supervised to ensure it was use to boost their business.
--No, your mentor gets to choose you.
-- Yes, you choose and we negotiate with the institute. The only exception is if you stay close to any of our partners rendering the same service.
--No. You are not expected to make any payment after the one-time registration fee of N5,550 has been made and confirmed.

Registration is only available online.
Click on the Signup link at the top-left corner of any of the pages and fill all necessary field(s) from the form on the Sign up page.
Confirm your registration by following the link in the sent registration confirmation email.
Follow the instruction given to make payment
Account is activated after the company receives you payment confirmation
-- How long it takes to finish the program depends on you. You study at your own pace and your team growth rate also determines how quickly you run through the program. As long as everyone fulfills his/her obligations to the Cohort we speculate a minimum of three months.
-- We convert the cost of registering a business for you into its cash equivalent which will be given to you after your business registration has been authenticated.
-- We believe the soul of every business is marketing. As an entrepreneur being able to convince others to see what you see is important especially if it’s beneficial to them. The referrer process is a practical to the Marketing Courses you will be taking in this program. If you can get your four (4) then you will have to rely on the auto referral system and the sacrifice is that your progress through the stages might be slower compared to those who referred their four (4)
-- Your referrer ID is your username. Any registration with no referrer ID is randomly assigned to a team.
--Mentorship is activated automatically after fulfilling all the requirements for stage 3 (Growth Stage) of the program
-- Grants and other packages are activated immediately you fulfill the requirements for completion of Stage 4 (Expansion Stage) of the program. NOTE: Mentorship and Professional Skills/Training are activated immediately you enter Stage 4