GAIN Business Incubator

About GBI Investment

The platform helps individuals to either own a farm or invest in farmland virtually while they get a fixed ROI on their investment. Farmers’ may either invest in the short- or long-term investment packages available in our virtual farm.

Though we focus more on agriculture, we also invest in fashion and tech industries through GBI Fashion and Tech Hubs respectively, and waste management/recycling business too. All this we put together in out Mid-term investment program.
While we focus on this investment areas, we have a team of highly intelligent business expert and analyst that continually research into other viable business areas that are profitable and have a stable market that is a safe haven for investors.

GAIN Long-Term Investment (GAIN Virtual Farm)

Earn from 50% of farm revenue yearly up to 30yrs
The long-term investment is an idea to own minimum of an acre of farmland with at least a cash crop on it. Seasonal crops are also cultivated to ensure investors/farm owners do not have to wait till the cash crops reach maturity before they start earning. The farm is cultivated and managed by GBI team while you monitor the progress of your farm virtually and you get ROI every year in a long period depending on the cash crop you go for.

GAIN Mid-Term Investment (Farm, Tech & Fashion)

Earn 25% ROI every 6 months plus Initial Investment after 5yrs.
The Mid-term investment is targeted at investors who might not be keen on farming or any other business specifically but trust our brand to make the investment on their behalf. Aside our farm investment, we also invest in fashion and tech businesses through our fashion and tech hub centers respectively. Other areas of investment also include waste management/recycling business and other business areas we find profitable and stable.

GAIN Short-Term Investment (Vegetable and Seasonal Crops)

Make 20% ROI in 6 - 12 months
As an investor you are allowed to select a crop to invest in and get an ROI on your investment within a period which could be 6 or 12 months as the case might be.
We offer from 20% upward on our short-term farm investment, depending on the short farm investment package you picked.