GAIN Business Incubator

About GBI Investment

The platform helps individuals to either own a farm or invest in farmland virtually while they get a fixed ROI on their investment. Farmers’ may either invest in the short- or long-term investment packages available in our virtual farm.

Though we focus more on agriculture, we also invest in fashion and tech industries through GBI Fashion and Tech Hubs respectively, and waste management/recycling business too. All this we put together in out Mid-term investment program.
While we focus on this investment areas, we have a team of highly intelligent business expert and analyst that continually research into other viable business areas that are profitable and have a stable market that is a safe haven for investors.

GAIN Long-Term Investment (GAIN Virtual Farm)

Earn from 60% of farm revenue yearly up to 5yrs

The long-term investment requires investor to own a minimum of 1 acre of farmland within our Farm Estate.

We farm for you for a period of 5 yrs on your farmland where we pay you 60% of annual revenue generated from farm activities while we use the remaining 40% to cultivate for another farming year and settle our service charge.

Invested capital is paid after 5 yrs

Estimated cost: N700,000/Acre (Land purchase and farming cost inclusive)

GAIN Mid-Term Investment (Farm, Tech & Fashion)

Earn up to 35% ROI every year plus Initial Investment after 3yrs.

The Mid-term investment is targeted at investors in Nigeria and Diaspora who are interested in investing in Nigeria, especially in the agricultural sector.

You earn 30% in the 1st year, 35% in the 2nd and 3rd year plus your initial investment capital

Minimum Investment: NGN1,000,000/Slot

GAIN Short-Term Investment (Vegetable and Seasonal Crops)

Make 20% ROI in 8 months

Our short-term investment of 16 months with 20% of your investment paid as ROI in phase one of the investment period (the first 8 months) and another in the second phase (the second 8 months)

The Investor has the choice to re-invest the capital or withdraw after the 16 months of investment duration

Minimum Investment: NGN 100,000/Slot

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