GAIN Business Incubator

CoWorking Space, Meeting Room, and Training Room

Our corporate office spaces are fully functional and serviced. We aim to provide business owners, creative minds and initiative founders with the right ambience and tools needed to focus on their deliverables, grow and scale their business.

We provide flexible plans and affordable office spaces for your business, meetings, trainings and exclusive corporate events. Our meeting rooms are free to use for quick meetings or interviews and our event spaces can be used for training and events during weekends (please note that this is applicable to our subscribers). Our office space would help boost employee productivity and satisfaction as they get to work in a relaxed and comfortable environment and get home in good time.


GAIN CoWorking Space 2

Fully functional Dedicated Desk

Own a desk space in an open plan office that lets you work for one hour, one day, one month or more. We provide a flexible solution for a long-term productivity; workstation can be rented daily, weekly, or monthly.

GAIN CoWorking Space

Business Support

Every business needs the support they can get and we recommend the necessary support to enable your business scale. One of the way we help is by offering employees remote working opportunities.

GAIN Business Incubator Community

Special Business Events

We help create those special moments that will help make your weekly activities more fun yet impactful.

  • ~ Networking Session for Idea Incubation (Every Thursday)
  • ~ Entertainment Nigth (Friday)
  • ~ Business shower for StartupHub Members (Last Fridays of the Month)

GAIN Business Incubator

And More

We do not just stop there. We want you to become a part of our success story and that means we must also become a part of yours. To achieve this, we give you just more.

  • ~ GIG work for members (T&C Applies)
  • ~ GAIN Academy membership
  • ~ Discount on all GAIN/MBC services for members


24/7 Electricity

Uninterrupted power supply for your business operations.

Uninterrupted Internet Access

Fast and reliable internet connection to help increase your productivity.

Free Printing/Photocopy/Scanning

Free but limited access to document printing, photocopy, and/or scanning. All business services in one place.