Stop comparing yourself to the Western world. Our fight is different. Our environment, our exposure, our education system, our leadership is different

Your Fight is Different

27 Jun,

Your Fight is Different

The picture below is what John Obidi refers to as your fight is different.

Stop comparing yourself to the Western world. Our fight is different. Our environment is different, our exposure is different, our education system is different, our leadership style is different.

Their environment and exposure alone are educative than the whole of our university education if you like to argue from now till tomorrow.

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Hello teens/youths, don't make the mistake of quitting school, don't join the league of people who says school is a scam, avoid such people in your life. Sure school might not have given us all we need but it still gives us the foundation we can build upon, it still gives us an edge over those who never went.

Rather than thinking of quitting school finds a way to complement what you have been taught, find a way to learn what school has refused to teach you, keep adding value to yourself, keep improving yourself, keep investing in educating yourself in the right direction.

Our fight is a high level of poverty and a lack of proper education, our battle is poor leadership and bad leaders but our battlefield is to be educated. (Personal development, be informed, be skilful, and be diligent)

Listen to this, if you want to be free from poverty, invest in your brain. First, empty your pocket in your brain.

What you don't know is powerful than you.

Choose your battle and your battlefield wisely.

"Your fight is different"---John Obidi

Adeyanju Opeyemi
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