Nigeria house the largest youth population in the Africa with over 60% of 200 million people in Nigeria below 25years. Over 60% of them are either unemployed or underemployed. With limited economic opportunities, rising unemployment and high rate of business mortality due to lack of business capacity, skills, mentorship and business support.

Major challenge faced by Nigeria are jobs creation. Therefore, the urgent need for Entrepreneurship development and business sustainability in a very cheaper, quicker, better, consistent and convenient way, leveraging on technology is highly needed to end this economic menace.

We have created a 4 Level Online business development and sustainability program based on four (4) pillars to allow entrepreneurs and startups launch and develop a successful business.

GAIN ONLINE BUSINESS INCUBATOR is an Online business incubator for African Entrepreneurs. Its support entrepreneurs in Nigeria and other parts of Africa to develop their venture. We offer individual, startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses support, expertise and tools necessary to succeed in an increasingly competitive market. We give you access to both Online and offline resources that helps build your Business, Human Capital, Structural, Digital Marketing, and Professional Skills not to mention our business mentorship sessions, startup kits, seed grant, Online sales support and many more.

GAIN ONLINE BUSINESS INCUBATOR is created to birth entrepreneurs, support them with all they need to grow with no limitation to their geographical location in Nigeria and Africa at large. At GAIN Business Incubator, we know funders are real but they are not always there at the foundation of your business, more reason we offer a cheaper, quicker, better, consistent and convenient way leveraging on technology in order to grow and scale your business to a level of sustainability for job creation.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a community that helps people with great ideas. No matter who you are, your gender, background, age and locality we connect you to our resources, support and advice tools needed to launch and execute your business successfully.

Vision Statement

To raise new generation of global indigenous entrepreneurs in Africa

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