GAIN Business Incubator

GAIN Business Incubator Limited is a business incubation and venture capital firm with the focus on incubating and accelerating business ideas in fashion, business, agriculture, technology, manufacturing, processing industry and helping venture capitalists invest in sustainable and scalable businesses, while managing the investments on their behalf.

Over the years, we have worked with over ten thousand (10,000) entrepreneurs in Nigeria and have come to understand the major challenges of entrepreneurs which is; the inability to innovate, scale, and build sustainable businesses due to lack of capacity and funds required to do so.

Hence, GBI created an innovative business model that incubates, supports, and accelerates startups with innovative ideas most especially in the technology, agriculture and fashion industries while also allowing individuals to invest and own businesses managed by GBI in those industries.

Our Vision

To build a global industrial hub by building sustainable businesses through incubation and crowd funding.

Our Mission

To incubate startups ideas and accelerate them through investment in order to build a world class firm.

Our Business Model

Our business model also allows startups to have access to virtual capitalists through GBI. Through our Technology, Venture, Food, Online Incubator and Media Hubs, we are able to deliver unmatched and well blended services to startups in the area of Agriculture, Technology, Fashion, Foods, Media Content Creators, and other business owners. Startups across other sectors  leverage our corporate services, consultations, facilities, products and third-party services to accelerate their business growth.


Technology Hub

GAIN Business Incubator Technology Hub

CoWork Space, Conference Room, Training Room, IT Gigs, and Incubation

We also give tech startups access to infrastructures such as power, internet access, conducive environment needed to get their work done. We also help them source for IT gigs.

Agriculture Hub

GAIN Agriculture Hub

Investment Opportunities, Farmers' Business School, and Cooperative

This business model allows individuals who have interest in farming and want their money to farm on their behalf to out-rightly own a farmland virtually, or invest in a farmland to get a ROI within specified period.

Food Hub

GAIN Business Incubator Food Hub

Food Processing, Packaging, Local Sales, and Exportation.

Our Food Hub help entrepreneurs within Nigeria and and in the Diaspora launch and grow their processed food business. Whether you plan to sell locally or export, we will deliver 100% globally acceptable product for you.

GBI Online & Media Hub

GAIN Business Incubator Online and Media Hub

Online Startup Academy, Radio and Creator's Studio.

We provides services to remote startups from business & capacity development courses to mentoring and business funding. Other areas include the online Radio and Creator’s Studio.

Our team

Opeyemi Adeyanu

Opeyemi Adeyanju


Tolulope Omoyele

Tolulope Omoyele


Olufunke Olasode

Oluwafunke Olasode

Executive Director